Using Art as City Problem Solver

Mayor Martin Walsh and the City of Boston are embedding artists in governmental departments to help stimulate new thinking and different forms of problem solving. Three artists will be granted a six-month residency in order to incorporate new approaches into city departments and to promote creative thinking about municipal government.

For full article see: https://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/2016/02/15/using-art-city-problem-solver/05MUArdOSpkzTheRCWIpNJ/story.html

Mockus' plan to return Civic Culture to Bogotá

(Photo: Archive, Newspaper "El Tiempo")

(Photo: Archive, Newspaper "El Tiempo")

Former Bogota’s Mayor, Antanas Mockus has a new pedagogy of citizenship. His plan, in alliance with the Major Enrique Peñalosa, has two main steps. The first is based on the concept of respect. “El respeto por lo chiquitito” is the slogan created by Mockus, in which he believes respect starts with simple and easy actions as child’s games. The second reflects on the concept of equality of the Constitution. For Mockus, society must to achieve self-regulations' forms. In this way, it would not be necessary the presence of the police in every block and citizens regulate themselves.

You can read the article in: http://www.eltiempo.com/politica/partidos-politicos/antanas-mockus-le-apuesta-a-la-cultura-ciudadana-en-bogota/16483287