Students in China win all the prizes with Language Out Loud and Pre-Texts

Pre-Texts, as part of the Language Out Loud (LOL) campaign, is being piloted for the first time in China as a literacy pedagogy in the Nord Anglia Chinese International School (NACIS), Shanghai. Using Pre-Texts strategies to teach Chinese to students in primary and middle school, the teachers have been able to build literacy, innovation, and citizenship in the classrooms!

The results of the students’ efforts shone through when they participated in a nation-wide short story competition on “Me & China” by Littlestar Magazine in 2019. Students from NACIS won the First and Second prize in the 10-12 year old category, and the third prize and an Excellence award in the below 9 age group!

“When I found out I got a 2nd prize in Chinese writing, I was very moved. I love how our school uses LOL in our Chinese lessons.  Reading becomes more engaging, dynamic and rich and deep. When I read, I think more, and have more questions. We also do reflection, drama, multimedia and models and share with each other.  It helps me understand deeper. We also do more thinking together. I now have fallen in love in thinking, writing and sharing.” Says Gu Yuhan, Grade 5 student at NACIS.

“We see the importance of teaching language arts through the native language; it gives the foundation for writing and understanding the learners’ own culture.  We have adapted Language Out Loud and Pre-Texts initiated by Doris Sommer and Clement Chung as a pilot since 2016, to integrate language arts, music, arts and drama with Chinese and English languages. Our learners are more engaged, they admire their peers and at the same time develop critical thinking skills and civic education.  All their writings are original. We believe our learners will continue to accelerate in their learning because they own it.” Says Sue Gu, Principal of NACIS.

The school is now looking to extend the pedagogy from Chinese to English language, and continue what they have found effective, such as learner-led conferences, Language Out Loud and Pre-texts in learning and teaching, and peer assessment.

We are so proud of the young readers, writers, and learners, and are excited to celebrate the love for languages with them!

Read more about the school’s participation in the competition at this link.

Language Out Loud (LOL) is a series of campaigns to promote language arts, 21st century skills, and artistic expression using text and visual arts among school children in China. The campaign was initiated by Wiseman Education in partnership with Cultural Agents and Pre-Texts.