A(n)esthetics and the Analgesic Museum


Join us as Ian Koebner, PhD explores the role of museums as public health partners. Koebner will focus on Art Rx, an innovative collaboration between the Crocker Art Museum and the Integrative Pain Management Program at UC Davis, and draw from the fields of pain research and the philosophy of aesthetics.

Ian Koebner, PhD, is the Director of Integrative Pain Management and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at UC Davis. His latest research examines the potential of museum engagement to reduce pain and social disconnection among individuals with chronic pain.

~45-60 minute presentation will be followed by discussion. Event is free and open to the public. RSVP optional. Seating limited.

Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard Barker Center, Room 211 (2nd Floor), 12 Quincy St. Cambridge, MA 02130

Please contact Alen with questions about the event: alen.agaronov@mail.harvard.edu



This event is part of the ongoing Cultural and Humanitarian Agents seminar series co-sponsored by the Cultural Agents Initiative and Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, with support from Mahindra Humanities Center.

This seminar series features a range of contemporary mentors who recognize art and interpretation as fundamental to active citizenship. The series works within a long humanistic tradition dedicated to civic development, focusing on identifying artists, educators, and leaders who have developed creative practices that reflect on the role of art in building civil society and responding to its challenges.

In the spirit of a new Gen Ed course at Harvard College, “Rx: Arts for Global Health,” this series dives deeper into global and public health as academics, artists, and politicians present cases, display agency, and pose provocative questions about the role of the arts and aesthetics in breaking emerging patterns of illness and disease through creative, non-technical solutions.

Faculty Chairs: Doris Sommer and Vincenzo Bollettino


*Photo courtesy UC Davis Health