XVI Anual Reunion of IDB Group and Civic Society Dominican Republic


XVI Anual Reunion of IDB Group and Civic Society, 

Dominican Republic

On November 8th and 9th, Professor Doris Sommer was invited to the Dominican Republic to participate in the XVI Anual Reunion of the Inter-American Development Bank Group and Civic Society as a panelist in a session dedicated on the topic: The use of Innovation and its Impact in Sustainable Development. In addition to the panel, she led a forum on theAlternatives for Sustainable Growth and Human Capital. In this this talk, Sommer shared Cultural Agents’ vision for promoting innovation, literacy, and citizenship. Among the topics discussed were: the idea of civic art as participative; the importance of pleasure in achieving change; admiration, not tolerance, as the basis of citizenship; artists as agents that break paradigms and create new solutions; the need to develop the faculty of judgment in order for democracy to thrive; Latin America and its creativity, traditions, and human capital as catalysts for innovation, sustainable growth, and development. 

To view the forum on “Alternatives for Sustainable Growth and Human Capital”, please visit: 


Language Acts and Worldmaking in Conversation with Cultural Agents, King's College London 

On November 18th and 19th, Prof. Doris Sommer presented her groundbreaking work in the areas of civil agency and public humanities at the King's College and the University of Westminster in London as part of The Language Acts and Worldmaking project, promoted by the Open World Research Initiative (OWRI) of the British Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC). After offering a talk on Cultural Agents, Prof. Sommer facilitated a workshop session on Pre-Texts, which opened opportunities for new collaborations by showing how the Pre-Texts methodology contributes to complement The Language Acts and Worldmaking project's (and OWRI's) goals in language learning. Lead by Professor Catherine Boyle (Professor of Latin American Cultural Studies at King's College) this project aims to regenerate and transform modern language research and learning by foregrounding language's power to shape how we live and make our worlds.

Open Internship Position at Cultural Agents