Vehicle of Massive Instruction at Medellin's Book and Culture Festival


[On September 18th,] the Book and Culture Festival of Medellin came to a close. Catalina and I participated in a project inspired by Raul Lemesoff’s “Weapons of Mass Instruction”, which [Doris Sommer] showed us.

Our project, “Vehicle of Mass Instruction”, consisted in taking to the Festival a car that at a certain moment had represented the war, but which now carried books to lend those who passed by. We had the Army’s support, which facilitated two of their soldiers who were in charge of attracting different spectators and participants towards the Vehicle during the weeklong festival.  In addition to the Army, we also received support from Medellin’s Secretariat of Education, who helped us find many books and diffuse the project.
The “Vehicle of Mass Instruction” was a total success! People got close, grabbed books, [and] took photographs. The Secretariat of Education and the Army were pleased, and we were even featured on television! Even though the Book and Culture Festival of Medellin came to an end, the project allowed a strengthening of relations between the Army and the Secretariat of Education to begin to work together towards the city’s education.

Catalina and I want to extend to [Doris Sommer] a special acknowledgement and gratitude for having brought us the inspiration, and want to let you know that our desire of working with you continues. The “Vehicle of Mass Instruction” was the first of many projects to come.

- Luisa Gomez Angel & Catalina Roa Beuth