New projects and collaborations

Engagment labs are working hard to create the Boston Civic Media Consortium; a place where the activist and intellectual community can connect and engage on a higher level. Read more about there work here.

The Cultural Agents Initiative recognizes the important work of Boston x Ayotzinapa, and plans to work with members from this group. 

Boston x Ayotzinapa is comprised of students from Berklee College of Music, Boston University, Harvard, MIT, Northeastern and Tufts. The members seek to utilize a myriad of perspectives and leverage their collective resources towards one goal: tackling the conditions that made the events in Iguala possible, and preventing human rights tragedies from happening again in Mexico. The students came together to demand justice for the victims of violence and human rights violation in Mexico, including the six people who died on September 26 and 27, and the 43 students who disappeared that night. 

The multidisciplinary group conceives of itself as a long-term, leading platform that adds value to the public discussion in Mexico and abroad around potential solutions to the current human rights crisis in Mexico. The members seek to develop recommendations that reflect the group's diverse intellectual nature and that follow from the recognition of problems as multidimensional and therefore in need of holistic approaches. 


●       To raise awareness among the international community about the current human rights crisis in Mexico.

●     To engage in a productive debate on the way forward, and to generate recommendations to policymakers, civil society groups and academics interested in the situation in Mexico.

Interdisciplinary strategies:

●           As a means to reach a broader public in the U.S. and Mexico, Boston x Ayotzinapa will share relevant pieces of information, including articles, press releases, videos and documents on relevant issues through its blog, Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube. An interview with Harvard Professor Marshall Ganz about social movements is available in Boston x Ayotzinapa's blog. This is the first in a series of interviews with professors that will be conducted about such topics.

●       The group will also hold study groups and seminars with students, experts and professors on related topics. For the first year, the results of these smaller events will culminate in a high level conference in April 2015 to be held in Boston with a mirrored conference in Mexico shortly thereafter.



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On April 1st 2015, we discussed the critical role that culture will play in Mexico in resolving the political crisis there.