Futebol Viral / Fútbol Viral / Viral Soccer

Futebol Viral is an interactive platform to engage men who get bored at home during the Covid19 lockdown while domestic violence spikes. Other programs that respond to domestic violence either defend women through denunciations and shelters [very difficult in lockdown] or prosecute abusive men. Why not offer men effective ways to change their behavior? Our soccer player friends know that change is possible if the home is a place for pleasure and peace. With Brazil as a starting point, we will launch in other countries too.

Futebol Viral, launched in Brazil in May 2020, brings home activities that people already enjoy and customizes them for lockdown conditions. The program develops physical and social coordination, along with skills in strategy, statistics, and storytelling through the practically universal pleasures of the sport. Futebol Viral Brazil is coordinated by Alexander Colli who played until recently for The Flamingos and now directs Amigos do Bem.