[Academic Event]

Mapping Human Migration: toward a new educational agenda 

When: April 15 and 16, 2019

Where: Harvard Graduate School of Education

The seminar will be hosted by Re-Imagining Migration at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Decisively interdisciplinary, this seminar will gather leading scientists, humanists, learning experts and education practitioners to create the foundations of a much-needed ground-breaking Human Migration curriculum framework. Engaging perspectives ranging from the latest population genetics findings on early humans’ migratory paths to contemporary philosophical, legal, sociological and media treatment of migration, borders, statelessness and inclusion, this seminar will ask: What matters most for young people to understand about migration as a shared human story today? How might a newly informed migration narrative set the conditions for more welcoming and inclusive learning environments in schools, museums and communities? How might it prepare immigrant-origin students and their peers to navigate a world on the move at a time of rising ethnocentrism and xenophobia? 

Through discussions on Pre-Texts and Cultural Agents’ translational work, Prof. Doris Sommer will inform a much needed new narrative about migration in schools, museums and society.

Chair: Veronica Boix Mansilla , HGSE-Project Zero, Re-imagining Migration


Arzu Mistry, Shristy School of Design

Doris Sommer, Harvard University


Liz Dawes-Duraisingh HGSE-Project Zero

Lynn Russell National Gallery of Art

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