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Universities: Past, Present, and Future

A seminar organized by Julie Reuben, Louis Menand, and Manja Klemencic
Sponsored by the Mahindra Humanities Center, Harvard University


Upcoming Seminar!

The College to Work Transition for Liberal Arts Students

by Menglin (Maria) Guo

When: Thursday, February 14th |  4:30 pm onwards
Where: Barker Center, Room 133

Are today's college graduates fully ready to embark on their entry-level full-time positions? What are colleges and universities initiating and implementing to better prepare their graduates, the liberal arts students in particular, for the competitive job market? By surveying career centers around the United States, this seminar argues that liberal arts students receive a well-rounded education that imbues them with a wide array of skills that adequately prepare them for many career types with the right amount of experience in internships and part-time jobs before they graduate. In other words, the breadth of career exploration depends on an individual student’s initiative in these opportunities that facilitate this transition to the workforce. While a liberal arts degree is still valuable, the degree alone does not prepare students for college-to-work transitions. To be competitive in the job market, liberal arts students should consider career exploration opportunities to supplement their liberal arts education in order to be more marketable to future employers.

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