[External Arts + Cultural Programming]

Art Davos with the TUKKU MAGI Project

The Ministry of Culture of Latvia in collaboration with other Nordic cultural institutions and the management of the Tukku Maggi Project will facilitate the first “Art Davos” event at the end of June 2019. The ambition is to have great global thinkers, artists, and public figures discuss the changing role of creativity, art and culture in public spaces. The multidisciplinary group of participants will engage in deep border-crossing discussions about how combinations of formal and informal institutions can lead to a more or less successful incorporation of various facets of artistic heritage and endeavour into a more cohesive vision of the future. 

The aim of the “Art Davos” is to create an interdisciplinary platform to think about and  discuss conflict, peace, and social development, with the role of culture and art being central in discussions. 

When: June 24-29, 2019

Where: TBD