[Spring 2019 Course]

Civic Humanities course (Spring 2019)

This week we welcome Prof. Tarun Khanna (HBS) to talk about ‘El Sistema and Jaipur Literary Festival.’

When: April 23, 2019 | 12-2pm

Where: Barker Hall 024

Course Details: Romance Studies 205

Course Description:

Civic Humanities offers proactive responses to current challenges that share symptoms of waning sociability, a quickened pace of life that becomes impatient with deliberation from multiple perspectives and therefore puts at risk hard-won advances in intellectual life and self-government.

Led by Prof. Doris Sommer, the course explores the arts and humanistic interpretation through a centuries-long tradition of civic engagement. Here the humanities are a site for promoting innovation and skills for active citizenship. Democracy and aesthetic judgment developed together to project citizens as co-artists of social constructions. Readings in this tradition of enlightened aesthetics include Kant, Schiller, Dewey, Freire, Gramsci, Ranciere, Mockus, Boal, Kester, Elster, Nussbaum, and Pasolini.

Guest lectures by colleagues from a variety of fields will develop specific areas of innovation and introduce students to potential mentors for future interventions and research projects.

If you are a Harvard Graduate student, course details can be found here.