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Introducing the Practice and Program
of the Curatorial Network Accelerator BOSTON

As the first convening of the Curatorial Network Accelerator BOSTON (CNAB), this daylong event will gather 60 area curators and cultural presenters across backgrounds to note their observations, challenges and potential solutions for the unbalanced attention, support and demographics of curatorial work in Boston. The morning will be a facilitated discussion and listening workshop to allow colleagues to share collectively, with the key goal being to establish an understanding and trust for what a citywide curatorial network with open dialogue could be. The afternoon will focus the group on a review of CNAB’s proposed biennial co-mentorship program. The goal is to gather feedback on the program's assumptions, values, format, scale, timeline, and potential to measure impact. Participants will be invited to review the draft of the co-mentorship program description, as well as other readings, to come prepared with questions and ideas. Notes from the day will be collated as “lessons learned” for a grant proposal to fund the co-mentorship program.

The day will be co-facilitated by Allentza Michel, Founder of Powerful Pathways, Co-Founder of the Cross Cultural Collaborative, and Steering Committee member of NAAC Boston, and Harvard Professor Doris Sommer, director of the Cultural Agents Initiative and founder of the Pre-Texts Program.

When: Friday March 1, 2019, 9am-4:30pm (with breakfast, coffee, lunch and afternoon snacks served)

Where: Boston Public Library’s Central Library in Copley Square

Attendance by invitation only!

While this event is limited, CNAB will also host a Public Conversation with national panelists from Boston and beyond. Details can be found at this link.

Read more about the Curatorial Network Accelerator BOSTON here.